ATI International Group

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We are with you

Success is a path. Success does not happen in a moment or a place but in a flow. We are with you to enter the flow of success.

As one of the successful authors, Robert Kiyosaki says: The most important and powerful asset of a person is his mind. A trained and prepared mind can make you more money than any other asset.

We are beyond others

Creating a suitable space for exchanging business information and finding new ways to achieve success and more progress in various work fields.

Our job every day is to make every important aspect of your experiences and skills a little better.

We never stop

The main goals of this company for holding conferences are: trying to train managers and entrepreneurs, new international strategies in management, creating innovation in businesses and proper management of human resources.

We love research

Applying the latest findings in the field of knowledge and skills by domestic and foreign researchers and making it possible to provide these scientific and operational achievements to managers and other interested parties throughout the world.

We provide your needs step by step

Identifying and promoting the position of scientific, industrial, commercial and trade unions among the executive and scientific community throughout the world.

We make it easy for you

The importance of using trainings to improve the collections as much as possible and to establish a working relationship between the audience of the conference and experienced international professors.

Your dream is our goal

“We believe in hard work and dedication”

Ati Persian Barthava Company (Ati International Group) under the management of Mehdi Zohdi (Member of Mashhad Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture) with registration number 43591 from the Supreme Supervisory Boards of Trade Union Organizations of the country as one of the oldest organizers of the national conference and international started its activity in 2019. The activity, which was tried with the serious effort and determination of the colleagues of this company, had a tremendous effect in raising the level of culture and art of Iran. From the development and expansion of various industrial / commercial / construction / agricultural sciences and skills to the holding of specialized conferences and congresses at the national and international level, which all show the importance of being superior, as important as the majority of cultural and business owners. Henry has taken a step in the direction of better visibility and durability, and in order to present the best products, they need new methods to achieve the desired standards.



CEO of Ati International Group