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The first conference of Iranian business stars


Tehran International Broadcast Conference Center

2024 , July, 4

Over the years, open innovation has been intensively investigated from different perspectives. A stream of literature examines its enablers and antecedents such as citizenship behaviors and organizational culture and colleagues, human asset characteristics, informal relationships, and business models. It focuses on the development of open innovation. Other research streams on the value of open innovation by examining its impact on firm performance in terms of economic performance (such as sales growth, market share, profitability, financial indicators, customer performance, and transaction volume) and innovation performance (such as new product, R&D and intellectual property). Some authors favor the positive impact of open innovation strategies on a company’s performance. Therefore, according to the latest trainings, today we invite you to the most important annual gathering of Iranian business stars with the support of Islamic Azad University, Ayatollah Amoli Branch, in Tehran International Conference Center on July 1403, to share the secrets of success with the audience and set a role model. For budding entrepreneurs, let’s take a big step in improving the quality level of entrepreneurship in the country and share ourselves with this wonderful pleasure.