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The third conference of women entrepreneurs

The third conference of women entrepreneurs

Alzahra University International Conference Center

February 23,2021

Conference speaker

Mr. Dr. Ali Shah Hosseini
Doctorate in management
International speaker with a history of speaking in Türkiye, Malaysia, Singapore and…
Has more than 30 domestic and foreign articles in the field of entrepreneurship
Author of 7 books in the field of entrepreneurship
CEO of the Language Institute
Founder of Five Star Academy of Managers in Iran, Türkiye and Georgia
With more than 700 specialized programs on TV
His biography has been published in the sixth edition and the English version of his biography on Amazon site has received a great response

Mrs. Zahra Naqvi
Founder and CEO of Arsbaran Shimi
Member of joint chambers of Iran and England, Iran and Italy, Iran and Canada
A member of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and a member of the Association of Business Women

Mrs. Dr. Hajar Chenarani
Honorable representative of the Islamic Council

The main points of the meeting:
– Personal growth and development towards self-actualization
– Analyzing success factors in women’s employment and creating creativity and successful thinking
– Branding (core beliefs instead of core values)
– The reason for choosing your brand among other brands
– Developing a communication plan and knowing your audience
– Four successful communication networks (brand recognition, preparing messages and maps – being consistent)
– Brand awareness, identity, management, reputation, trust and valuation