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The role of women in the development vision of 2021

The role of women in the development vision of 2021

Alzahra University International Conference Center, Tehran

May 20,2021

Course professors:

Dr. Alireza Yousefi
Has a doctorate in strategic management from the United Nations University (Japan) 2013
Has a DBA (business plan) doctoral degree from the International University of Malaysia (second doctoral degree)
Researcher and researcher of organizational strategy in social security of the country in 2013
Distinguished researcher and researcher of the International Association of Management in Vienna in 2012

Mrs. Akram Beheshti
Entrepreneur, author and researcher, basic lawyer of a judiciary
Member of the Board of Directors of the Center of Lawyers of the Judiciary of Isfahan Province.
Chairman of the Social Cultural Commission of Isfahan Lawyers Center
Chosen by the National Congress of Iranian Women’s Famous Face, Chosen by the Entrepreneur Women’s Summit
Chosen by the National Congress of Successful Managers of Iran and an international law instructor at prestigious European and American universities

Mrs. Zahra Naqvi
Founder and CEO of Arsbaran Shimi
Member of joint chambers of Iran and England, Iran and Italy, Iran and Canada
A member of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and a member of the Association of Business Women

The main points of the meeting:
– Creativity and economic participation and empowerment of women at all levels of society
– Professionalization and skill training of women
– Entrepreneurship, technology and competence
– Facilitate the entry of women into the development process