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Eurasia Conference and World Trade

Eurasia Conference and World Trade

March 2019 , Alzahra University conference center

Expected members to attend the panel

  • Mr. Seyedi: International consultant and commercial agreements of the organization
  • Mr. Kakhki: Director General of Iranian Customs
  • Mr. Zhiganshin: President of the Russian Trade Federation
  • Mr. Abedi: President of Iran-Kazakhstan Joint Chamber
  • Mr. Hazar: CEO of Mir Business Bank
  • Mr. Safarov: Chairman of the Council of Trade and Economic Relations between Russia and Iran
  • Mr. Parand: Secretary of Iran and Russia Country Desk in Trade Development Organization

Achievements of the conference:
1) The role of the Iran-Eurasia trade agreement in facilitating exports
2) Introducing the existing and future capacities of the Iran-Eurasia Agreement
3) How to interact with banks under sanctions
4) Opportunities and challenges of cooperation between Iran and the countries present in the Eurasian Agreement
5) The role of the Eurasia Agreement in facilitating Iran’s global trade