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The third meeting of brand-making women

The third meeting of brand-making women

Tehran International Broadcast Conference Center

July 31, 2019

The main points of the meeting:

  1. The role of women in sustainable development
  2. Strategic management of women’s employment
  3. Knowing the effective solutions for women’s employment to realize a resistance economy
  4. Teaching desirable behaviors to improve the level of customer satisfaction
  5. Entrepreneurship and performance of women in the direction of education and promotion of entrepreneurship

The third national meeting of “Brand-making women” with the presence of “Taiba Siavashi”, representative of Tehran in the Islamic Council, “Iman Masdari”, general manager of specialists and scientific secretary of the conference, “Soraya Sharqi”, general manager of women and family affairs of Tehran Governorate, “Soltani”, consultant of the organization Technical Professional, “Barjali” Head of Iran-Russia Business Center, “Fahima Firouzfar”, Adviser of Women and Family Affairs of Red Crescent Society, “Rostami” General Manager of Distribution Cooperative of Ministry of Labor, “Hajizadeh” Director of Supervision of Small Industries Organization, “Kamran” Sehat » instructor and consultant of reputable brands was held on Wednesday, August 9 at the International Broadcasting Conference Center.