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The Third course of DEMAN in Germany

The Third course of DEMAN in Germany

Conference Hall of Iran Chamber Educational and Research Institute

February 18, 2019

Business management training course in cooperation with the educational and research institute of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Iran and the German DMAN Academy with the topics of “Ways of attracting European investors to Iran”, “Business interactions with CIS countries” and “Change management” In line with the resistance economy” with the presence of Mr. Francois Viallet, the sales manager of DCM-ATN in Paris and the customer support manager of DCM-USIMECA, along with PRO. Fred Lodulph, the CEO of Goldex Investment Company, and “Mina Alavesh”, the director of training at the Chamber Educational and Research Institute. Iran trade was held on Monday 29th of February.
At the beginning of this training course, which was held under the initiative of “Pen Conversation Evening”, PRO.Fred Lodulph, the consultant for investment affairs and economic issues from the managers of domestic companies, presented his plans with different companies in this training course, and he gave his opinions. expressed