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The second national meeting of brand-making women

The second national meeting of brand-making women

Tehran International Broadcasting Conference Center

January 17,2019

Cooperation with Asre Goftego Qalam company

Appreciation of 120 active women entrepreneurs in production and service fields.

Axes of the Congress:

  1. Contribution and role of women in the global economy
  2. Women’s employment and its impact on the economy
  3. Getting to know the basic principles of branding
  4. Sensory balance with customers and customer satisfaction
  5. Teaching desirable branding behaviors
  6. Brand definition
  7. Management of branding in virtual networks

According to the public relations report of the cultural and artistic institute “Esra Diagrai Qalam”, the second national meeting of brand-making women with the presence of “Iman Masdari”, the general manager of specialists and the head of the international brand organization and the scientific secretary of the conference, Soraya Sharqi, the general manager of women and family affairs of the Tehran governorate. Sadina Abai, the head of the country’s science network operator and adviser to the deputy minister of communications, Safa Sharif Asgari, a university professor and lecturer in the field of entrepreneurship, Serafrazi, a consultant and general manager of the presidential parliament’s deputy affairs department, and Delavorzur Niya, the general manager of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage. Handicrafts and tourism of Tehran province, “Mustafa Froutan” educational lecturer, “Saber Parnian” president of industrial estates company of Tehran province, was held on Saturday 27th of February 2017 at the center of international broadcasting conferences.

At the beginning of this conference, “Frotan”, the educational lecturer, said about job stress: Each of you has characteristics and indicators that others look at you as a reference. But in the meantime, job stress changes your working conditions. Stress is considered as one of the most important job risks in the modern era and can cause a decrease in production, absenteeism, staff turnover, work conflicts and the highest health and medical expenses of employees.

This lecturer said about potential sources of tension: gender, personality and developmental conditions are the most influential factors in potential sources of tension. Physiological factors, family relationships, marital satisfaction, responsibility, environmental conditions (economic, political, social, cultural) as well as issues Individuals such as the way of perception, social supports, and learned skills are effective in discussing tension-causing issues

“Froten” stated about the negative consequences of stress: Physical, psychological, and behavioral factors are the negative consequences of stress and we can treat them through drug treatments (anti-anxiety), behavioral therapy (relaxation techniques) and cognitive therapy (increasing psychological power). treat them

In the continuation of the second national meeting of brand-making women, Kimiaei, a lecturer and consultant in the field of business, said about the path to success: If we want to do miracles in our work, we must know what is going on in the market. In today’s situation, we should be satisfied with low profit and not lose our cash flow in the market. In a crisis, having energy is more important than intelligence.

This training consultant explained about the flexibility of large companies in crisis: for large companies, crisis is a blessing because large companies are flexible in crisis conditions and this is considered a very important issue; of course, if there is no crisis, companies Averages will be the first, because they quickly copy the techniques and go after the big companies, and it costs nothing for them, so you should be careful of the averages in critical situations.

On the sidelines of this meeting, 120 active women in the fields of production and service were honored