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The first course of DEMAN in Germany

The first course of DEMAN in Germany

Conference Hall of Iran Chamber Educational and Research Institute

October 8 & 9, 2018


Dr. Klaus-Peter- Wegenfuhr , Professor at the University of Bielefeld, Consulting in companies Philips    – HP – Audi- KLM- Telekom- BASF …

Mr. Paul – Arthur Luzu , Member of the French Lawyers Association in Iran Lawyers Association, member of the French Legal Association in Paris, lecturer of legal courses and business contracts.

Education axes:

What is the blue ocean (low competition market)?
Difference between blue and red ocean
Strategy method
Preparation of statistics on the current and future status of the company

How to find the blue ocean?
Using the six-path framework to develop ideas
Creating value in order to exit the competitive market
Business model innovation

What is the business model?
Profitable businesses are key challenges and opportunities in the changing market environment

Magic triangle
Apply patterns to find innovative new business ideas