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The first conference of women entrepreneurs

The first conference of women entrepreneurs

Shahid Beheshti University Conference Center,Tehran

January 30, 2020

Professors of the conference

Mrs. Dr. Fateme Harsaj, Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from UTM University of Malaysia, has 9 years of management experience in various industries as a Quality Assurance Manager, Senior Expert in Organizational Excellence at West Tehran Water and Sewerage Company, member of the academic faculty of Islamic Azad University, Noor branch since 2009. Executive positions in the university: representative of the Educated Women’s Council, director of the industrial engineering department, head of the quality engineering research center
Member of Industrial Engineering Association and Member of Maintenance and Repair Association

Mrs. Sayeda Fatemeh Moghimi (Member of the Board of Directors of the Tehran Chamber, Deputy Chairman of the Transport, Customs and Transit Commission of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Tehran and Iran, Managing Director of the Entrepreneurship Development Office of Sharif University of Technology, Periodical Chairman of the Women Entrepreneurs Committee, member Eko, founder and chairman of the board of directors of the National Association of Businesswomen of Iran and Tehran, head of the Iran-Italy joint desk, head of the Iran-Russia joint desk, member of the board of directors and CEO of the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs, elected member of the board of directors of the Iran-Russia joint chamber of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Mines of Iran, member of the board of the Iranian Skating Federation (Ministry of Sports), President of the World Advertising Organization in the Islamic Republic of Iran 2015, the best entrepreneur of Islamic countries in 2012 on the occasion of empowering women in the transportation sector of the country and entrepreneurship by the bank Islamic Development (IDB), the top female entrepreneur selected for the first award of the Federation of Asia and Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) Taiwan 2016, received a plaque and a statue from the ceremony honoring the veterans of the transportation industry in December 2016

The main points of the meeting:

  1. The role of women in the development of entrepreneurship
  2. Women’s entrepreneurship, a step towards creating employment
  3. Analysis of the current situation of women in Iran
  4. Familiarity with management concepts
  5. Providing a model for the success of women entrepreneurs in business